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Images:- From Dawn to Dusk (above extinct Volcanic Topo-Graphic Formations ! ) 








(Circa 1876) Published in the satiric newspaper called ‘ALARM CLOCK’



(named by amateur Astronomers) is a Charged Gas Cloud (henceforth known as -> C.G.C.): & according to the Swarm Satellites of the European Space Agency, (that have flown through this phenomenon or phenomenal potential catastrophe for climate change?), this CGC STEVE is a 15 mile or 24 Km wide, extremely hot ‘Gas Ribbon’ with temperatures around (plus) +3,000 Degrees Celsius, travelling at over 13,420 MPH or Four miles per second or in E.S.A values , 21,472 Kmh .. and STEVE was first nicknamed the “Purple Streaker” and can penetrate & cover thousands of miles, with a spectacular Visual Energy !

It would be reckless & dangerous to exclude & ignore the potential for ‘STEVE’ to pervert, invert, convert or re-direct weather systems of an inherent turbulent nature, scientifically:  moreover, the frequency , the shape, altitude & attitude of this CGC STEVE and its’ relationship to the course and patterns of behaviour of our Jet Streams, in the Upper Atmosphere, should have been more conclusively investigated,

LONG before today ..

Remarkably, NASA seems to have caught up with amateur Astronomy & Photography, so they have now officially honoured & even pseudo-quantified ‘STEVE’ (with epic vague relativity, no panic buttons please), &’Project Aurorasaurus’ should help illuminate all:->

Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement .. ‘S.T.E.V.E.’

As long as you contribute to their ‘Aurorasaurus Project’, NASA will be most eternally grateful & attempt to provide you with a platform with which to misinform you, whenever humanly plausible, with Never A Specific Answer, (as is custom!).


Thermal Energy (ex-Volcanic perimeter faces), spiralling upwards@sunset ; dusk-dusted?

HAZY ! ? 

Precisely because NATO was Never A Trustworthy Operation &
Precisely because NASA has – Never A Scientific Answer,

I propose to tender logical simple questions & hope to Format an Open Diary of answers, explanations & along with any potential solutions, in future, to discuss publicly the true Scientific Physics of the ‘driven’ nature, cause & effects of ‘STEVE’ on OUR Jet Stream & Planetary Climate systems of Turbulence & Weather, therein ..

@balkydj we will collectively, rest with scientifically sharing Open Source ASAP in Real Time, Weather related Data Science Projects , Observations & Creative ideas, to study influencers of Climate Change Physics & Chemistry to boot ; also systems involved presently in the Geo-Engineering & gearing of what we experience and see Biologically, within the hugely complex interconnected chain of turbulent events, occurring within OUR Biosphere. A Biosphere that belongs NOT to any Nation State or any individual, we have a singular common obligation to share, precisely like OUR singular obligation of duty to respect OUR IONOSPHERE / Magnetosphere ..

OBJECTIVELY & from all angles of incidence & reflections !!

A Duty of common Charge, with certain simple universal obligations, without which, OUR collective failure to communicate & share Science openly will accelerate the extinction of life on Earth, as we know it: OUR Ionosphere is the quintessential energiser of all things electric, that feeds into OUR Natural Grid of Magnetic Energy, via TERRA FIRMA !

Which is why “Terra Firma” is an integral expression in Electro-Engineering ..

Many seem to have forgotten or not clearly understood. (WE know that understanding & utilising compound knowledge of OUR Climate, Weather & Magnetosphere was always a fundamental major Security Priority, for to communicate & much more; thus Reagan started the US ‘Star Wars’ program with HAARP, back in the mid 80’s, when B.P. also acquired ARCO & HAARP technology, to ‘sound out’ resources), thus, it is all the more surprising that no official explanations or theories for ‘STEVE’ exist presently & it would seem shocking but not surprising that all these HIGHLY EXPENSIVE institutions & facilities, with vested interests including the M.I.C. (NATO & NASA, GCHQ & NSA alike) can no longer be relied upon for accurate all encompassing Data & Info. in real time, when historic fact, forensics & technology demonstrate clearly that our weather has not just been Engineered, but subsequently Weaponised: the wealth of experimentation conducted thus far, must be made fully public under a new Global Treaty of Duty, for Freedom of Information: as pre-requisite to ANY U.N. Future Membership or similar future body.



No single nation should further scientifically experiment in any shape or form with electronic equipment that can radically influence local weather conditions, elsewhere without PUBLIC COGNISANCE .. unless that experiment is approved by their Universities’ Governing Body and certified as programmed to Open Source Access all DATA in REAL TIME ONLINE , for Global consumption and further evaluations, by Scientists elsewhere & everywhere: one Data base for sharing, (backed up in 9 locations) all with an active objective interest in an equitable balanced Biosphere & Environment for all United Nation States. Furthermore, non-conformity must be sanctioned due to the MOST URGENT inherent collective need for widely diverse & acceptable quality of Data, of all kinds, to be made Publicly Available to monitor in Real Time, for any beneficial advantage of Data logged Knowledge, thus far, to be shared as soon as humanly possible .. & compounded by / for common consumption .

Re. S.T.E.V.E. and his pungently Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement control system of Project ‘Aurorasaurus’ being mechanisms of propaganda delay & distraction or science ?? Let’s just say for now, that news about ‘STEVE’ is almost non- existent and only appears at times with masses of other media distractions. Last time Trump was in Paris for the Climate Accord & amongst much more sensationalism , again almost nobody noticed .. or commented about the “Purple Streaker Steve” !

Bad timing STEVE, 3 years long, nobody paying attention ! ?

Hard to believe ??

Science ?


As(t)ounding Abstract:

Go-Figure, Russia’s latest & greatest ‘World Record’ , indeed Moscow’s ‘darkest hours’ : established throughout the whole of December 2017. Residents of Moscow , Global MSM & Scientists have pro-actively widely confirmed , & it is an official confirmed World Record that Moscow received just 6 (SIX) minutes of TOTAL Sunshine during the whole of December. Is Weather Weaponised? A depressing thought ..


*SPUTNIKS* :-> meaning, A Companion Traveller of Traveling Terra Firma :->

Earthbound, original Russian Philosophy of Satellites, amplifying common ground.

Magnetically inextricably interconnected & interdependent by ONE common duty & Electro-Charge of protecting OUR IONOSPHERE, all Sputniks must learn to synchronise the Duty of ‘Share’ & care in Real Time, in order for Communications to function within common parameters of equitable Harmonious Frequencies , that transcend ‘HAARP’ Technology or INTEL’s ‘HARMONIE’ Meteorological programme .. of induced Exodus.


“If you want to understand the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy Frequency & Vibration ” (N.Tesla)

And fore , (heavens’ sake) , NEVER underestimate simply sharing Scientific :->

* R E S O N A N C E *  &

* R E V E R B E R A T I O N *